I rang Rachel in desperation about sleep advice, she was so kind on phone telling me that it was ok to have little routine at this stage with sleep. She sensed I was feeling overwhelmed with new baby and encouraged me to try baby massage class and said there was a space left me to slot in. I was unsure as what if baby would kick off? From the moment I got to the class Rachel was so kind and supportive. Its not just about baby massage it's a lot more with lots of chat and tips along the way and you don't feel so lonely.....other moms are going through sleepless nights, feeding difficulties etc too. At the class babies do what they do at home, feed, cry, sleep it doesn't matter it's all so relaxed. I loved the class, baby loved it and got to meet some lovely moms and are going to continue to meet up. So glad I rang Rachel that day. Super lady and just so helpful and knowledgable and can do baby massage myself now at home 🙂

-- Mum wishes to remain anoyn June2017