This class was better than any parenting book!

I decided to bring my daughter to Babychi Massage having seen the business cards and heard of friends who had taken the class. I was a first time mum and willing to try something new with my new found "freedom"/ Mat leave and I was not disappointed!
From the outset the class was so friendly and welcoming with lots of the babies beginning at the same age which was lovely. Every week I learned something new from both Rachel and the other mums- each mum either going through similar stages a some second/ third time mums with great experience and advice to give- thereĀ  many lessons learned over tea and biscuits after class!.
The massage was such a lovely time to spend with my daughter and I have kept it up as part of her bedtime routine- I think she actually looks forward to the down time with me😊
a huge thanks to Rachel for facilitating the class and making it so comfortable for new mums-being able to feed a crying baby in a comfortable environment is so important in those early days. Your wealth of knowledge was amazing and I definitely left every class having learned something new about my baby.
I'm delighted to say I have met a fantastic group of ladies in the class-we are all still in contact and those Monday meet ups can be just the remedy after a hectic thank you Rachel!
I would encourage anyone to take this class- it'sĀ  better than any parenting book you will buy!

Mum wishes to remain anonymous,