Baby Massage Course Information

Baby massage can be learned by anyone wishing to have a loving, caring relationship with their baby.

As a professional IAIM instructor Rachel is committed to helping you learn interactive communication with your baby through the nurturing touch of baby massage.

Group Courses

  • Classes run weekly for 5 consecutive weeks in Mahon Point Shopping Centre Cork
  • Classes are suitable for babies from birth to pre-crawling stage.
  • Each class usually lasts approx 1.5 hours – Including time for a chat and a cup of tea afterwards !
  • Each week we covers with new set of strokes on a different part of the body and re-cap on the techniques previously shown, therefore no one will miss out on any of the routines.
  • Handouts are provided covering the entire body massage so you dont have to worry about remembering everything you learn on the day.
  • Each class is fun and interactive, participants massage their own baby while being guided through a step-by-step massage routine demonstrated on a doll.
  • If at any time a baby needs to take a break to feed, sleep or just to rest, the parent can simply watch the class or retire to a quiet area with their baby.
  • By the end of the course every parent will feel confident in the techniques shown to enable them to carry out massage on their baby in their own home.
  • The course is designed to provide a support platform for parents in a social and relaxed atmosphere. Friends are easily made in class and parents are encouraged to talk freely to others in the same situation as themselves.
  • Classes are VERY RELAXED - Crying is totally acceptable - thats what babies do to express themselves so please dont feel you cant join a group class if your baby is unsettled - you might just find your baby really enjoys the experience 😉

Course Schedule

  • Week 1: Legs & Tummy, Colic Routine.
  • Week 2: Legs & Tummy & Chest & Arms.
  • Week 3: Legs & Tummy & Chest & Arms & Face.
  • Week 4: Legs & Tummy & Chest & Arms & Face & Back  + Photoshoot !
  • Week 5: Legs & Tummy & Chest & Arms & Face & Back  + Graduation Cermoney !

For more details of the course please contact me and I will be happy to answer any questions.