Baby Massage

Mother massaging her child, shallow focusBaby massage is suitable for all babies but can be particularly beneficial for babies that:

  •     Have colic, wind or constipation.
  •     Have reflux problems (relaxation of muscles).
  •     Were born premature (stimulation).
  •     Have special needs (physical benefits).
  •     Were adopted (increase bonding).


What are the benefits of baby massage for my baby?

  •     Relieves colic, constipation, diarrhoea and other digestion disorders.
  •     Relaxes baby and encourages better sleep patterns.
  •     Strengthens immune system.
  •     Improves bonding and communication between baby and parent.
  •     Calms infant and helps baby to learn to relax.
  •     Reduces crying and fussing.
  •     Promotes sounder and longer sleep.
  •     Helps tone muscles.
  •     Regulates breathing and relieves nasal congestion.
  •     Improves skin texture and blood circulation.
  •     Brings relief for teething pain.

What are the benefits of baby massage for you?

  •     Baby massage is a great way to spend quality time with your baby.
  •     It brings relaxation to the parent who is massaging.
  •     It provides a special focused time that helps deepen bonding.
  •     It improves parent-child communication.
  •     It helps you to understand & respond to your baby's non-verbal cues.
  •     It promotes feelings of competence & confidence in caring for baby.
  •     It increases your ability to help your child relax in times of stress.
  •     It helps you relax & have fun with your child.
  •     Group classes are a great way of meeting other parents and getting out of the house in a social setting.