Myself and my son loved this course. He got a lovely relaxing massage which he loved. And I got to meet other Mums with babies the same age. Loved the whole experience, including the tea/coffee and chats at the end. Really relaxed class too and great for sharing experience, advice etc. My only regret is I did not know this class existed when I had my daughter!!!

Have completed two baby massage courses with each of my children. Fantastic for mummy and baby. Mummy has a social outlet while baby enjoys pampering. Great for colic and reflux. Thank you Rachel! You're a super instructor giving us tea and coffee and valuable advice at the end of each massage class!

Aine Burns,

Can't recommend these classes highly enough! Rachel is great and the classes are fun and relaxed! Great for baby but also great for mum to meet other mums with babies at a similar age to compare notes and chat. Well done Rachel! Great job!

Sarah Jane Ryan,

This was such a brilliant class. Definitely the most enjoyable activity I've done with my baby boy so far. The atmosphere is relaxed and fun and the support that Rachel gives to all us mums finding our feet is fab. I'm delighted that our class are going to continue to meet up for coffee and chats on a regular basis. Thanks Rachel for encouraging and facilitating this. And thanks for all the tea and biscuits!!!

Alison McCarthy,