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Welcome To Babychi!

Touch is a very powerful and vital element in human bonding and learning to massage your baby is one of the most relaxing and rewarding things you can do with your bundle of joy.

This website is designed to help you as you begin to incorporate this loving and ancient art into your family’s life.

Baby massage is suitable for all children from birth to pre-crawling but in order to get the most from the class, it is best to wait until a baby is at least six weeks old as by then they tend to be more comfortable within themselves and are more open to being touched in this way. If your baby is under 6 weeks old and you still wish to come to class you are more then welcome.

One to one classes and group sessions are available. To book a class or to learn more about baby massage please contact me.

Acquire and develop skills during the five week course which will enrich the time you spend with your baby. Provide your baby with the many physical and emotional benefits of massage. Enjoy meeting other parents and babies, while learning the techniques in a supportive group setting. Discover how to adapt the techniques as baby grows and pass on the power of touch as a lifelong gift to your baby.